Who's Who

Cameron A Betts

Cameron has been running games at Intercon since the last century, and his preferences lean toward very few mechanics and just a smidge of lightheartedness. He believes that the most powerful thing in LARP is a connection with another character, and he hopes to produce games that will produce and enhance those connections, and that will avoid overshadowing or disrupting them.

This year's acceptable bribes: Insightful LARP theory or analysis, philanthropic angel investment, raw almonds.

Izzy a LARPer named

Sugar, spice, and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect little girls
But Professor Utonium accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction--
Chemical X
Thus, The Powerpuff Girls were born
Using their ultra-super powers
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup
Have dedicated their lives to fighting crime
And the forces of evil!

But Rock 'n' Romance has another mixture brewing...

Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect little boy
But Intercon accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction--
Disney Showtunes
Thus, Izzy the LARPer was born
Using his incredibly-average abilities and generic blandness
This ridiculously normal guy
Has dedicated his life to above-average achievement
Despite his aggressive and all-consuming mundanity!

Rachel "The Yellow Hobbit" Adler

This will be Rachel's first time GMing at Intercon! She's been attending Intercon since 2015, and is super excited to be running a game this time around. She wants to be the very best GM, like no one ever was. When she's not LARPing, she's usually knitting, playing board games, catching Pokemon, or possibly even writing code.

Janie Agar

No bio provided

Larisa Allen

Larisa first fell into LARPing during the early 90's rise of Mind's Eye Theater but left for the stronger pull of dance clubs and whiskey. They were reintroduced to LARPing by friends during the last shuddering breaths of Endgame and found NPCing in boffer games the most fun they'd ever had sober. "It's like being theater run crew but you get to hit your friends!" Although they've been known to PC now and then (Fifth Gate: Wrathborn and Threshold) they have the most fun when helping to make PCs just a little stressed out.

Kate "The Wrong Kate" B.

Kate was introduced to LARP in 1998-ish when people she'd known since preschool or earlier tricked her into coming to a game. (Closest she'd come before then was Eric the Darker's annual Paranoia event-- since back before he tested the food-- SRSLY.) In the intervening time, Kate was a player in a series of DC- based campaigns, including Mersienne Medieval Fantasy, 1936: Horror, and Brassy’s Men, then sold her soul (or just sold out?) and became a staff member for the 1948: Signals and Threads of Damocles campaigns before repatriating to her native New England. Her writing and GM credits include the full-weekend LARP Drink Deeper, occasional scenarios for DC-area campaigns, and as an adopted trans-Atlantic member of "Team Brit." These days, she's mostly floor-GMing other peoples’ games.

Jennifer "Jenn Ann" Bacon

Jen is the Art Director for Forager Business Collective, a well versed LARPer with 6 years of collective play and volunteer experience, and a liberal arts student with a background in gender and diversity studies.

Elizabeth "Liz" Barlow

I am a 25 year old cisgender woman who is pan and somewhere on the ace spectrum. I worked at the Riverside Theater in Fredericksburg for three years, doing work on a number of shows, I started with Chicago and I left after Phantom, but my favorite show we did was Cabaret.

I’ve done boffer LARP for three years and I’ve been to a blockbuster LARP once (New World Magischola), twice by Intercon though (NWM’s Yuletide event). This will be my first Intercon so I don’t know what to expect entirely but I am excited!!!

Nickey Barnard

No bio provided

Christopher "Ryha" Barney

I've been playing in larps, from NERO to experimental theater larps since the early 90's. I've written four games and co-written and GM'd several more. While I have created games for upwards of 60 players I favor smaller games with a dozen or so players. I have a background in interactive theater having written for and acted in several large New England renaissance faires. Also I have a background in video and board game design having been in the industry for over a decade.

I'm interested in creating lean games where the only mechanics that exist serve to further the theme and purpose of the game. I am also interested in creating games that can be run many times and refined over the course of their runs honing the experience for each round of players. One of the games I am running this year is in it's 5th run, the other is running here for the first time.

Kendra Beckler

tries to not live in this reality, but instead in as many alternate realities as possible.

John Benfield

No bio provided

Frank Beres

No bio provided

Chad Bergeron

No bio provided

Chris Bergstresser

Chris is almost certainly a person who exists in the world, and not a semi-independent fragment of a hyperdimensional eldritch horror gathering information in preparation for the opening of the gates and the advent of the end of days.

Holly Bianchi

No bio provided

Dylan Blanset

No bio provided

Ron Blechner

No bio provided

Marc Blumberg

No bio provided

William "Fox" Bolton

No bio provided

Emily Care Boss

Emily is a game designer and conservationist from western Massachusetts. She's written and collaborated on running many games for Intercon including The Dare, Darkness Visible, Diamonds and Coal, What To Do About Tam Lin?, City of Fire and Coin, Freeform and Jeepform Larp Samplers and Under my Skin. Find her work at blackgreengames.com.

Erin Boucher

Previously co-wrote and co-GM'd Honor & Profit and Gods of Lesser Things.

Laura Boylan

No bio provided

Marshall Bradshaw

No bio provided

Charlotte Brewer

No bio provided

Amelia Broverman

No bio provided

Maury "Maury" Brown

Maury is the Dean of New World Magischola and designer of Immerton and A Wolf by Any Other Name. She thinks larps are magical and enjoys bringing people together through roleplay. When not traveling the astral plane or writing, she enjoys craft beers, walks in the woods, on the beach, through the desert, and making ridiculous faces with her daughter.

Katherine Bryant

No bio provided

Nuance Bryant

No bio provided

Brandon Brylawski

Brandon Brylawski has been larping since time out of mind and has co-written a number of games, including Critical Path, Galaxy Comics Presents, Tales of Pendragon, Arkham on Five Sanity Points a Day, and Starship Edsel. He resides in Chicago with two photogenic cats.

James Buchanan

James has been attending Intercon for 4 years. This will be James's first time GMing at Intercon. After that he will travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach Pokemon to understand the power that's inside.

Nat Budin

Assistant Webmaster
Nat has been attending Intercon since Intercon C in 2003, and has served as con chair of Intercons P and I. He also founded Brandeis's Festival of the LARPs and co-founded Alleged Entertainment, with which he has written and run over a dozen games. More recently, he's produced several larps with Occultopus Productions in the Seattle area. Despite the seriousness of this bio, Nat is actually quite silly and loves you very much.

Peter Casey

No bio provided

David Cave

No bio provided

Miranda Chadbourne

No bio provided

Gilana Chelimsky

No bio provided

Danielle Church

No bio provided

Josh "Jop" Conrad

Jop is a seasoned boffer larper, with four years experience running content for games of 50-80 players with a team of plot writers. They've run a home brewed tabletop system for close to ten years. They've attended a few NWM as a faculty member. They've never really done anything like Intercon but are looking forward to the opportunity.

John Cooke

No bio provided

Megan "Megan" Coppock

Megan Coppock loves bison and cats with hair. Megan enjoys writing social dynamics and romance into her LARPs, and gets enthusiastic about costuming opportunities. Uses she/her pronouns.

Sean Croteau

No bio provided

Vito "Simple Wordsmith" D'Agosta

This is not the bio you are looking for.

Quinn D

Quinn has been playing larps since 2004, written a handful of games, run many, and started volunteering time to help run the convention in 2011.

Dawn "Sendaylen" Daigneault

I am a LARPer, D&Der, and all around nerd. I have been larping for about 9 years and playing D&D even longer. I love intense, dark roleplay. I am super excited to be running a game at my 2nd Intercon ever.

Andrea Davis

No bio provided

Stephanie Davis

No bio provided

Kathleen De Smet

No bio provided

Stephen Dewey

No bio provided

Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Bringer of Port, NEIL Board, Proposal Committee
I am well aware of the length of these character sheets. You are not expected to memorize every bit of dialogue. It's just that these characters refused to be brief - they all stood up and shouted at me to tell their stories in more detail. I have learned to listen to characters when they do so. If you have any complaints, please take it up with them.

Tom Dimiduk

No bio provided

Kamela Dolinova

Kamela Dolinova is psyched to be co-running Days End for the second time with the inimitable Chris Barney. She also is running the hallway puzzle, Susurrus: Season of Tides - Intersections throughout the weekend, and will be happy to give you presents if you come up to her during the con and say the magic word. (No, it's not "please.")

She still doesn't have a ton of larping experience, but is planning to spend this weekend working on that. Years of loving and working in theatre, though, finally made the light bulb go off when she realized that this is basically improvisational acting with no audience.

She currently works as the Minister of Mind Control (aka Communications Manager) at Evil Overlord Games, helping promote and write for the multiplayer interactive fiction video game, Susurrus: Season of Tides.

Sam Dukhovni

No bio provided

Jen "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence

Con Chair & Vendor Liaison; NEIL Board Member; GM Super-Villain Academy
Hey all you cool cats, whether you're here for back seat bingo, cruisin' for a bruisin' or to wail and wheelie in your chariot, I hope you have a blast! The hip staff has been cookin' to make this year a crazy bash. I'm on cloud 9 and cranked!

On a more serious note, Jen has been a LARPer for over twenty years and has been on staff for Intercon for over ten. She used to run a campaign boffer LARP, GameBob in Miller's Reach, but generally likes to play games more than write them.

Bethany Feintuck

No bio provided

Amber Feldman

Amber is a LARPer of many years, starting in the Camarilla and slowly evolving from there. She's been a long-standing NPC for her local boffer LARP in her locale of Colorado, and recently expanded to more Nordic styles such as New World Magischola. Her most recent adventure has been a new Sci-Fi LARP starting in Denver, CO called Temet Nosce.

She has run a variety of games at conventions in her Colorado locale for several years now, and is excited to see what Intercon is all about!

Elisa Ford

No bio provided

Kate Fractal

No bio provided

Kate Freedman

No bio provided

Anna Galitzine

No bio provided

Anandi Gandolfi

No bio provided

Blake Geno

No bio provided

Marsha Gershon

No bio provided

Katie Giacomini

No bio provided

Susan "nikin" Giusto

nikin - The Intercon Muse
Hi! I am nikin!
I am the Intercon Muse. This means I help make Intercon happen by writing games with TNT in addition to working in the Intercon Art Department.
I wish for hugs and smiles and I apologize ahead of time if I can't see you and recognize you right away... my eyesight is failing and so sometimes I look like I am in a daze. That could be from running a great game, being in a great game or just that my eyes have messed up at the moment. I mean no harm. I create mischief when requested.

Diana Glewwe

Hi! I'm supposed to write a bio here but I'm bad at those. So let's just say I'm a long term gamer, gm and writer. Oh, and thanks for playing.

Marc "Marcus Gale" Granato

Marc Granato is a Larp Writer and Runner for Forager Business Collective. He has also written for Dystopia Rising Massachusetts.

Susan "Sue" Grau

The other Sue...

No, not that one. The one without the cool accent.

The one in the hat. That's the one!

Kirsten Hageleit

No bio provided

Peter Hairston

No bio provided

Tara Halwes

Tara is here to help. Tara will not write your game for you, but Tara will copy edit, judge, set up, collate, runtime GM, or NPC for you. Tara will likely forget to eat. Tara accepts Starbucks cold brewed coffee as bribes.

Matt Hammen

No bio provided

Thomas Hansen

No bio provided

Meghan Hardiman

No bio provided

Haz Harrower-Nakama

Only running one game this year, and it's already written. Am I in the twilight zone? Is this what adulthood is supposed to look like?

Jaelen Hartwin

Safety Coordinator
Jaelen has been to every New England Intercon since Intercon C, and has at various times been Con Chair, GM Liaison, Ops Chair, and Hotel Liaison. This year, they are the Safety Coordinator, working to ensure that Intercon is a safe and welcoming environment for all our attendees. Jaelen is agender and uses non-binary pronouns.

Taylor Hartwin

No bio provided

Selina Harvey

No bio provided

Kristen Hendricks

No bio provided

Katherine "Kate" Hill

Kate is a larp community organizer and game runner, based out of North Carolina. There, she is in co-command of a monthly short form parlour/nordic/freeform larp group called Larp Shack. She designs short form larps (sometimes they are even playable!) and is heavily involved in the New World Magischola/ Learn Larp universe as a player, editor and minor content creator/world builder. When little, she never wanted to stop playing what she called "imaginary games" and now she doesn't have to stop, thanks to the wonderful world of larp. She also enjoys hiking, drinking craft beer,singing, and traveling (often to larp, drink beer and hike). This is her first Intercon!

Mary Hinton

No bio provided

Cory Hodge

No bio provided

Sharone Horowit-Hendler

No bio provided

Diana Hsu

No bio provided

Kara Hurvitz

No bio provided

Elizabeth Isaacson

No bio provided

Katherine Jones

No bio provided

Martin Jones

A not-so-closet gamer ever since your early youth, you discovered UK 'freeforms' about a decade ago. You have since been involved in writing Best of the Wurst, Veterans Day, Lists of Avalon, The Deliverance, Small World, Burning Orchid, The Apocalypse Agenda and BTL (The Director's Cut).

Having successfully infiltrated a satellite construction facility your plans for subverting the orbital mind control device and using it to 'liberate' the world are one step closer.

For some reason currently unclear to you, you have recently taken to referring to yourself in the 2nd person.

Matthew Kamm

No bio provided

John "I dunneed no stink'n nickname" Kammer

Every year I change my nickname but no one seems to notice. Oh well...

I've written and run so many games for Intercon (since C) that I forget them all. I've also spent an Intercon or two taking in-costume photography for you all. This year I'm re-running Redshirts a comedic sci-fi game of death and suffering -- ha ha, what could be funnier. No seriously, it's funny.

SO in conclusion this is a horrible bio write-up but I have like until December to fix it up before print. Sadly it will probably slip my mind.

David Kapell

NEIL President, Hotel Liaison
Dave has been larping since 1999, in both theatre and boffer (Realms, and then Accelerant). He's written a handful of theatre-style games, and run a handful of boffer events, as well some that are on the border between the two worlds. These include Multiplied Loyalties (Intercon D), Sam and Max hit the Afterlife (Intercon H, K), Blackout (Intercon J), and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Intercon P)

Dave joined Intercon's Bidcom for Intercon E, served as Ops Head for J, was Con Chair for K and O, and Hotel Liaison for L,M,N,P,Q and R. In addition, he created NELCO, NEIL's writing retreat for larp authors and participants, ran it the first two years, and has helped run it since. Dave has been on or advising the NEIL board since 2009 and has a particular interest in safe community building. Dave is currently the President of NEIL, the corporation responsible for Intercon

Tegan Kehoe

No bio provided

Philip Kelley

No bio provided

Andy Kirschbaum

No bio provided

Arnis Kletnieks

No bio provided

Rebecca Kletnieks

No bio provided

clint koglin

No bio provided

Kevin "Kevin" Kreiner

Dr. Kevin Kreiner is a co-founder of the husband and wife team of Carcosa Creations. He has been running table top games for over 35 years, starting with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in 1983, and has several campaigns in different systems that have lasted over a decade each. Kevin first got started running Live Action Role Playing games with Elder Entertainment at Origins a decade ago, and has written over 20 one-shot scenarios within the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu universe since. In 2017 Kevin and his wife, Kim, decided that instead of being referred to as "the Cthulhu LARP people" they would take up a name, and Carcosa Creations was born. Serving the tri- state area with games to fray the mind and bringing chaos to conventions, this is the first year Carcosa Creations will be attending InterCon.

Kim "Kim" Kreiner

Kim Kreiner is a co-founder of the husband and wife team of Carcosa Creations. She has been running games for the past 8 years, starting with "Werewolves of Miller's Hollow" and eventually graduating to table-top role playing games. She began her experience with LARPs assisting her then friend, now husband, Kevin Kreiner, with LARPs at MepaCon in Scranton, Pennsylvania over 5 years ago. In 2015, she began assisting Kevin with games on a much larger scale at GenCon and Origins through Elder Entertainment, and fell in love with GMing LARPs. 2017 was the year she debuted the first LARP she designed and wrote solo, "The Opening of the Mouth". Also in 2017, Kim and her husband decided that instead of being referred to as "the Cthulhu LARP people" while at smaller conventions, they would take up a name, and Carcosa Creations was born. Serving the tri-state area with games to fray the mind and bringing chaos to conventions, this is the first year Carcosa Creations will be attending InterCon.

Joshua "Josh" Kronengold

Joshua Kronengold has been larping and writing and running games for a while. Associations include Straightjackets Optional, having been involved in about half the NELCO BYOG games, and having helped out with four full-weekend RPI games (Masks, Dragon, Torch, 1897). He comes from and lives in the NYC area, and also plays wierd indie RPGs, having been doing so since the '90s.

Sue "Queenortart" L.

Please please can we have more hours in the day for extra games?

Ashleigh La Porta

No bio provided

Ray Lardie

No bio provided

Tim "Teem" Lasko

Tim can't believe he has been LARPing for thirty years. (Don't tell him that it's been more than that. He might throw rocks at you.) He has been attending Intercon conventions since 1998 and been involved in making them happen since 2002, including being ConChair for Intercon D and Intercon J. He has been happy to serve as Your Registrar for many of these years. Today he is happy to sit at the Ops table and help out where he can. Tim loves the New England Intercon convention and doing what he can. (Just don't give him any rocks.)

As part of TNT Productions, he has helped bring several LARPs to Intercon conventions, including Collision Imminent!, Dustpan: the LARP (which was created by an offhand comment he made), You'll Be Safe Here, A Night at Club Ivory, Across the Sea of Stars and several others. He has been active in NELCO Build- Your-Own-Game efforts, including working on Adrift on the Starry Sky and This Time for Sure. You may find a few of these games at Intercon R.

James Lawrence

No bio provided

Tucker Le

No bio provided

Emily LeMay

No bio provided

Bess Libby

No bio provided

Albert Lin

No bio provided

Emily Mahoney

No bio provided

Josh "Josh" Marcus

Josh is an avid Larper, and has run games at Intercon and Festival of the Larp at Brandeis. His Larp writing credits include Snaf University, Harmony At Last, Truth: Even Unto It’s Innermost Parts, Gods of Lesser Things, and Now Boarding: Trinity. He’s also written a few Larps in negative time for a Daylight Savings Challenge, and prays he’s never crazy enough to let them see the light of day. Well... maybe a Sunday Morning.

He has been a senior cast member at the campaign boffer Larp Future Imperfect for 8 years or so, and is looking forward to being the head of plot for the next plot arc.

He believes in rewarding player initiative, creating a consistent and vibrant world, and that boredom is the cardinal sin to be avoided in Larp writing.

He also finds it weird writing in the third person.

Ted Marr

No bio provided

Rosalind "Rose" Martin

The R. H. R. H. Martin just wants everyone to enjoy a good story. Especially if there are pirates.

Sean McCormack

No bio provided

Elyssia McCormick

No bio provided

Charlie "grejam" McCutcheon

I've been LARP-ing a long time, maybe someday I'll be good at it. Looking forward to playing with some fun folk in great games!

Nick "Wolf" Milano

Also known as Wolfy, Nick has written and run multiple larps over the past decade and a half.

Quinn Milton

oh hi, I'm quinn, I'm an artist / writer / larp designer. I'm one of the co-creators of Event Horizon and I work at the Wayfinder Experience (larp camps). I've made some things. they/them or ze/zir pronouns.

Tony Mitton

No bio provided

Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a game designer that believes in LARP as a collaborative interactive art medium. She tends to create games that are strange, challenging, intense, and emotional. She has been designing live action games for over 15 years. She teaches in the games program at Northeastern University, founded the Boston Festival of Indie Games, sits on the Board of Directors at Be Epic and is Chief Creative Officer at Incantrix Productions. You can find more of her work at incantrixproductions.com and carolineamurphy.com.

Ada Nakama

はいたい! Ada is an Okinawan-American narrative designer who loves LARP as a way to immerse ourselves in the fantastic and the mundane while feeling a sense of agency and connection within the experience. Her interests run the gamut from complex emotional/situational explorations in a safe environment to design with formal considerations towards shaping play and deepening the experience.

Her professional work includes short fiction publications, studio- produced video games, and a thesis on uses of hypertext to enhance narrative. Along with the "I Escaped from Arkham" team, her work placed first in the inaugural Iron GM contest.

She's open to collaboration, so please do send a query her way if you have an intriguing project. ゆたしくうにげーさびら。

Rachel "rnations" Nations

Here to hit things, feel feelings, and live all of my dystopian fanfic dreams.

Tuhan Nguyen

No bio provided

Drew Novick

No bio provided

Kelly O'Donoghue

Having LARPed for 20 years, I have played everything and consider it my responsibility to have a good time. I started helping write and run about 10 years ago but have only written a few games that have never been run at Intercon. I have however helped Marc run Super Villian Academy multiple times and have run those other unnamed games too. I look forward to seeing what each player brings to the character they are cast with.

kyle oconnor

No bio provided

Michael Oldziej

No bio provided

Lisa Padol

Lisa Padol has been playing in larps since 1988, starting with the full weekend game, Double Exposure. She has been running and writing larps since 2000 (ignoring Dark of the Moon, a still-in-development-after-nearly-two-decades, full-weekend larp project).

She helped run the playtest of the never published Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition, and assisted with runs of Appalachian Wedding, Colonel T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular, Masks, and Folding the River. Stephen Tihor recruited her for the Straightjackets Optional team, where she helped run and write Mad Scientists I, Jamais Vue, Presque Vue, and Vue to a Kill, as well as Day at the Bathes/Night at the Races, ...and the Electric Labyrinth, and A Second Chance for Wints.

Jamey Patten

No bio provided

Kristen Patten

No bio provided

Athena Peters

Athena is a professional video game developer with a BFA in Directing Theatre. She only recently discovered the world of LARP about six years ago when she moved to New England but has become fascinated with it since. She has played a number of campaign games in the area over the years. Recently she started a Theatrical events company which bridges the gap between LARP and theatre with Caroline Murphy called Incantrix Productions (www.incantrixproductions.com) which throws themed Charity Balls, Pub Crawls, Carnivals, etc a few times a year. This will be her second Intercon and her first as a GM.

Greg Pettigrew

No bio provided

Stephanie Powers

No bio provided

Brian Richburg

No bio provided

Alison Rider Hill

Many years ago Alison came to Intercon and played... Now, she is back with games for you to play...

Enjoy :)

Morgan Rippke

No bio provided

Skylar Rippke

No bio provided

Phoebe Roberts

No bio provided

Amber "amberfaythe" Robitaille

This will mark Amber's first year of running a game at Intercon, though she's been attending since "G". She's thrilled to be coordinating the second run of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, four years after its first run here.

Amber's real life is marked by being fortunate enough to be a professional historical interpreter in Colonial American history, and in her spare time she dons her managerial hat and wrangles the wildly talented staff of Keystone, a Weird West campaign LARP that runs out of Charlton, MA.

Amber would like to thank Derek for very graciously letting her run this game, which when she was a player was one of her favorite LARP experiences. She'd also like to thank the best of Foxes for their understanding in occasionally being her larp widow, albeit with a fair amount of understandable fussing.

Rowan Rosenthal

No bio provided

Caelyn "inurashii" Sandel

Caelyn Sandel has somehow managed to go 14 years without missing a single Intercon or failing to run a game during one. These days, she's doing narrative design for video games and interactive fiction, but she hasn't abandoned the "stand up and talk" flavor of interactive literature yet! Caelyn's work can be found at http://inurashii.xyz and in work by Evil Overlord Games, Inc.

Melanie "Tyrwll" Saunders

Treecat scribe.

EB Savage

No bio provided

Alison Joy "BATMAN!" Schafer


Apart from that, I write and run many LARPS with Brian Richburg under our Lovers & Madmen name - you've probably seen us in the Friday night lineup for most of the past decade. My games have included: Kingsword, Thicker than Water (with Kristen Patten), Venezia, Devil to Pay, Mayfair in the Colonies, Stars of Al-Ashtara, Redemption, and Elanthia.

As a player, both IC and OOC, I am a villain. Just kidding, I'm totally nice. Please trust me in our next game together.

Fire and Blood!

Jason Schneiderman

No bio provided

Adina Schreiber

Hunter of MacGuffins Elusive, Collector of Widgets Ubiquitous
NEIL board member, editor for Game Wrap (NEIL's publication), Proposal Com member, raffle coordinator, NELCO helper-outer. LARP blogger. Boffer and theater enthusiast, amateur costumer and set dresser, costume diva, Accelerant fangirl. Poison/fairy type Pokémon.

LARP magis LARP optimum.

Cadence Schwartz

| 50% Author and head GM of Blue's Clues: Hound of Skidoo

Cadence enjoys making props, costuming, and world building.

| |

John "010" Schwartz

| 50% Author on Blue's Clues: Hound of Skidoo and Together Again.

John also enjoys theorizing about game design, story arc, and motifs. He currently resides on the west coast.

In his professional life, he enjoys finding bugs in code.

| |

Kreg Segall

No bio provided

Santo Sengupta

No bio provided

Christopher Shannon

No bio provided

Joshua Sheena

No bio provided

David Simkins

No bio provided

Andrew "AJ" Smith

AJ's contract with Rent-A-GM has been renewed.

Brad Smith

No bio provided

Vin Spadafora

No bio provided

Geoff Speare

No bio provided

Alden Strock

No bio provided

Kimberly "redfishie" Sward

GM Coordinator, NEIL Board member
Kim Sward has been coming to Intercon since roughly Intercon H or so. They have volunteered for the con in the past as a member of the Game Proposal Committee, been the Game Proposal Chair for multiple years, and were the Con Chair for last year's Intercon, Intercon Q - Intercon Quixotic.

This year Kim has just started serving on the NEIL Board, the governing body that oversees Intercon, NELCO, etc. As part of their past and current roles, Kim has worked with the NEIL Board President and the Safety Chair for Intercon R to create additional safety documentation for the convention.

Kim is also helping to run the Iron GM competition for Intercon R. This is their second year in that position.

Kim first started larping while a student at RPI. They have participated in many forms of larp since then, and are active in several boffer campaigns in the greater New England area. Kim enjoys playing mischief makers, foxes, and pirates. Larps with singing are a definite plus.

Anita Szostak

Art Director
"She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes, And I knew without askin' she was into the blues. She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls, I knew right away she was not like other girls, other girls.– Scarlet Begonias, The Grateful Dead

I want to thank my partners in art and design, Barry Tannenbaum and Susan Giusto as always for all their help and our con-chair, Jen Eastman-Lawrence for picking a fun theme this year for me to design art for.

Funny, but it's still rock and roll to me.

Gaylord Tang

No bio provided

Barry Tannenbaum

No bio provided

Brady Tatro

No bio provided

Jada "Mega Mecha Maka" Taylor

Jada likes to break from reality with her favorite hobby: LARPing. She has been a player in Steam and Cinders (MK 1 and 2), Second Dawn, FourTwenty, Divine Intervention, and Ballad. She has NPC'd for Lacuna Cathect and Divine Intervention, and is the Director of Costuming in Ashwick Plantation (coming April 2018). She loves dressing up as things that go bump in the night simply because she loves to see the terror and fear in players' faces. If you feed her cookies or sweets of any kind (except licorice, yuck!), she will immediately become your friend.

Michelle "Michelle" Teixeira

LARPer, gamer, musician, geek. Intercon attendee since Intercon G: Gaslight. Joining Con staff for the first time this year, so be gentle.

Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor

Stephen started gaming as a playtester for SPI and part of the New York Conspiracy to take over the Postal Diplomacy hobby. (They succeeded). He started D&D in 1974. He started LARPIng at the first run of Arabian Nights and was insane enough to put together a team to write and run a full weekend game at year later. Its been downhill since then. More recently he inherited a Boffer LARP game (Kaurath at NERO Hartford) and has written and run games at most Intercons for a while. The most recent games were the amnesia games (Jamais Vue, Presque Vue, Vue to a Kill) and the martial arts extravaganza, Ghost Fu, and the Boffer/Power Politics crossovers Wintermeet and Winter is Ending.

He can be found in the usual places doing various stuff and trying to be a voice of reason and represent the older generation of game designers while secretly lusting to run a Blockbuster Megagame.

Evan Torner

Larper. Professor. Wears a hat. Intercon attendee since 2011.

Cathleen Townsend

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Thomas Traina

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Warren Tusk

Founder and creative director of Paracelsus Games.

LARP-writing credits include: Tyrant Lizard Kings, The Council of Oramvand, Celestial Lords of Truth, Lyber, Toil and Trouble, Infinite Magic Glories: Impact Mosaic, The Whale, The Path of a Thousand Whispers, The Legend of Cottonmouth Hollow, Inheritance, Be Not Afraid, The Soul of the World, Ex Ignorantia, Dreamlands, Neon Genesis Revolution, The Dance and the Dawn, The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash, The Song and the Sunrise, The Tale and the Twilight, Metal Gear Solid: The LARP: The Sequel.

And I passed over you, and I beheld you wallowing in your blood. And I said to you, “In your blood shall you live!” And I said to you, “In your blood shall you live!”

Hilary Umbreit

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Aaron Vanek


I have been larping for over three decades.

Intercon R will be my fourth or fifth visit, I forget.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife, Kirsten, who is also a veteran larper and designer. We connected at a science fiction larp about 27 years ago.

For more info on my live action role playing credits, publications, interviews, and for some free larps, click to my website, or, if you are reading this in the program, type aaronvanek.com into your World Wide Web browser, and hit return.

Carolyn VanEseltine

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Mark Waks

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Terra Warman

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Susan Weiner

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Jeannie Whited

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Joseph "joswie" Wiegartner

Joseph Wiegartner has been playing games since the bygone age of 2012. Coming from the RPI LARPing community in Troy NY, he has authored five 4-hour LARPs (The Worst Story Ever Told, Boogieman Nights, The Lord of the Roles: Who Killed Tom Bombadil? Extended Edition, Deadlands: Dying Off Into The Sunset, and Tales of the Cradle) as well as some smaller games and consulting work on the LARPs of others.

Brian Williams

Another year, another Intercon. AJ & I, the orignal team Brit, are back with Clockwork Cafe after a gap of... (brief pause while I count and run out of fingers) many years.

For identification purposes, I'm the one with a beard. Unless one of the other Brits decides to grow one to confuse you...

Eric Wirtanen

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Thomas Wohlers

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Eric Worthen

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Laura Young

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Mike "Hi Mike!" Young

"Running big events is like riding out a hurricane - all strong winds and rough currents. But if you're lucky, you find a lighthouse to stand up to the storm. I walked into the event center and saw, not chaos, but a lighthouse, tall and steady in the midst of what most would see as uncontrollable, his voice calm and comfortable and measured." - Peter B Woodworth